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Piedmont Bass Classics Angler Profile

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Meet Austin Parker who has held fishing pole for as long as he can remember. He says the influence of his Uncle has landed him double-digit bass from Shearon Harris and a nearly 4 pound Crappie from a secret location he is still holding close! Like many of us he cut his teeth on a Zebco 33 and some tried and true techniques.

He transitioned to using a baitcaster and like many of us practiced and pitched until he got it right. After the passing of his Uncle several years ago, Austin took a break from fishing that eventually found him looking at a boat, working on it, and getting himself back on the water. in 2021 Austin joined the Piedmont Bass Classics Tournament Fishing Trail and dipped his toe in to competition angling. His persistence and attention to detail landed him some cash winning big fish before season's end and in the top 25 in points. He is partnered with WOO!Tungsten, The Rod Glove, and Favorite Rods and is looking forward to the 2022 season and time on the water carrying on his Uncle's legacy.

Austin slammed a third place big fish at 6.69 pounds and locked in a 6th place points finish in the PBC Spring $5K Trail! A great spring season for him. Gretchen and I are excited to see some more bags of bigs from this happy angler!

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1 comentário

09 de mai. de 2022

Austin is hard at it this year on both the $5k and $10k trail! Great bag of bass this last weekend!!

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