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North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The Piedmont Bass Classics Tournament Trail is now under the management of Gretchen Phillips and her husband Doug! In 2022, they will work with Seth Mycko, District 5 Assistant Fisheries Biologist with the NC WRC.

Seth tells us that in 2019 NCWRC fisheries biologists "began a statewide Bass Genetics project to obtain a better picture of the genetic make-up of our bass populations in many NC lakes." "The project is ongoing, and we have since started an effort to compare tournament captured bass to bass in our regular electrofishing samples of the lakes." PBC looks to assist in obtaining 50 fish from Falls, Jordan, Harris, and possibly High Rock.

Look for Seth and his counterparts at weigh-ins to measure, weigh, clip, and release bass at PBC tournaments starting this spring? Look for the PBC to engage with NCWRC in other conservation efforts moving forward with the Inland Fisheries Division.


Faith, Love, and Respect is the foundation of FLR Outdoors, LLC. Respect for wildlife and fisheries activities is a part of our efforts moving forward to ensure resources are there for generations to come. Look for fisheries personnel to be present to talk with anglers and collect fin samples from fish exceeding the 3-4 pound limit.

Anglers this is your opportunity to bring your catch to the scales and help the NCWRC at the same time.

Talk to us about your thoughts on conservation in North Carolina.

Let's Go!! North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission Biologists will be present at FLR Outdoors, LLC - Piedmont Bass Classics - Anglers Marine NC fishing events on the following dates:

- June 11th on Jordan Lake - Farrington Point

- April 2nd on Falls Lake - Ledge Rock Boat Ramp

- April 16th on Jordan Lake - Farrington Point

- June 18th on Jordan Lake - Farrington Point

Come on out, fish with us and let's talk conservation efforts on the lakes we love to fish! If you or anyone you know has a Boy Scout Troop that needs some badges....reach out, let's work together!

North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commision fisheries biologist Seth Mycko showed up and got a workout with a full tank of Falls Lake big bass weighing in excess of four pounds. The anglers did a great job assisting him to get the fish measured, weighed, and fin sampled. The number of fish in the study category brought to the scales likely closed out research requirements for the lake! All fish were released unharmed back to be caught another day. The next fisheries biologist sampling event will be on Jordan Lake April 16th. Reach out to see how you can get involved in conservation efforts with Piedmont Bass Classics or FLR Outdoors, LLC.

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