Piedmont Bass Classics 2022
Spring Warrior Clash and Tobacco Invitational Event

Piedmont Bass Classics 
2022 Tournament Trails 
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If you are an active duty Servicemember, military Veteran or part of North Carolina's Tobacco industry then this is an event for you!

Piedmont Bass Classics is a Veteran owned North Carolina small business under FLR Outdoors, LLC. This is a chance for any level angler to compete in a 5 fish tournament style event on beautiful Falls Lake leaving out of Ledge Rock boat landing!
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I Joined the Army in 1990 as a construction surveyor and am coming to the end of my career as an executive healthcare leader. In that time, I have over 3 years deployed in combat and operational settings. I have spent over a decade working within the fishing industry to promote initiatives that support wellness activities for Warriors and their families in fishing. So let's go sling some bait and have some fun.

FLR Outdoors, LLC and Piedmont Bass Classics will advise that Tobacco use causes you risk to your health. However, men and woman have fought and died in my hands protecting your right to choose what you want to with your freedoms. As the owner I support your right to choose what you do as long as it is not illegal, immoral, or unethical.

As an industry, tobacco farming and production has a strong tie to the economy of North Carolina. Read about it here: NCpedia | NCpedia

Contact Doug Phillips 912-980-5936 or Gretchen Phillips 337-348-9003
101 Rob Roy Road             Southern Pines, NC 28387
Email:    FLRoutdoorsllc@gmail.com