Piedmont Bass Classics Trail Tournament Rules:

~~~TEAMS: Team Members Names must be declared before launching on the first event of the trail. Definition of a team: Either one, or both members fishing together in an event without the use of a sub. Anglers under the age of 18, not fishing with a parent, must have written permission from a parent or guardian. Anglers under the age of 26 operating the vessel must abide by the new boating safety requirements as passed by the NCWRC in 2010.

~~~TOURNAMENT BOATS: Boats must be gas or electric powered & registered with the NCWRC or whatever state the boat owner is from, and have a factory installed or working live well capable of keeping & maintaining 5 bass alive for 8 hours. Any vessels without the above are not allowed to compete.

~~~CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFYING: The 5K Spring Trail consists of 6 qualifying events. Team members are not allowed to split up at any time to fish the same event. The declared team must fish, as a team, in 3 of the events to qualify for the championship. The declared team can substitute 3 times, if they wish, with my prior approval. 

The 10K Spring Trail consists of 7 qualifying events. Team members are not allowed to split up at any time to fish the same event. The declared team must fish, as a team, in 4 of the events to qualify for the championship. The declared team can substitute 3 times, if they wish, with my prior approval.

The Fall Trail consists of 8 qualifying events. Team members are not allowed to split up at any time to fish the same event. The declared team must fish, as a team, in 4 of the events to qualify for the championship. The declared team can substitute 3 times, if they wish, with my prior approval.

*Subs cannot be members of any other team trying to qualify for this trail (Exception: permitted if both teams have qualified...any points will be split 50/50). To sub, you must call me at least one day before the event you plan to use a sub for my approval.  When subs are used, event does not count as a qualifier, but the points given that day still count for the declared team. If for some reason the team decides to part ways, only one will be allowed to fish the rest of the events. The points will carry over for the one remaining and that one may get a new partner that has not fished the event at any time and the old partner will be listed as the remaining partner's sub. A Tournament 'Buy In' is NOT Allowed.

All events are open events except the Championship, in which only qualified teams may fish.

~~~CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS: Teams will be given points based on their final standings at each event, including the Championship. At each event, 100 points will be given to the winner, 99 to 2nd, 98 to 3rd and so on. Ties will result in the teams receiving the same points and the next team will receive a lesser amount to offset the tie. The team with the most points for the trail will win the Points Award. Points are
awarded in all events. In case of a tie, the team with the most total weight for the events will win.  

~~~LAUNCH SEQUENCES: Preregistered teams will be randomly drawn for starting spots in each Qualifier. After that, teams will be assigned a starting spot in order as they enter.

~~~ENTRY FEES & PAYOUTS: Entry fee is $110 per boat with $10 of that going into a 'final prize fund'. 80% payback after that 1 place for every 5 boats. Optional Big Fish Pot is $20 per boat paying 100% back 3~Places 50/30/20 Split. Optional Tournament Within a Tournament (TWT) is $50 per boat paying 100% back~3 Places 50/30/20 Split. Ties will be determined by coin toss or mutual split.

~~~CREEL LIMIT: Sizes will be announced at the ramps. Total will be 5 fish with lengths measured mouth completely closed tail completely closed on the Golden Rule. There is a .50 lb. penalty on each dead fish your team weighs in. Your 'Big Fish' entry may be weighed in dead, but the penalty will be imposed on that fish for the actual net weight. Any 'ILLEGAL' fish brought to the scales will be deleted from the creel with a 1-pound penalty and cannot be replaced.  No team or individual may have more than 5 bass in their live wells at any time unless culling the fifth fish for a larger one. You cannot cull a dead fish. NO MORE THAN 5 FISH may be in the team’s possession once inside the 'No Wake' buoy at tournament’s end. Any team bringing over 5 bass to the scales will immediately be disqualified. Courtesy measurements are available any time after blast off, up and until you enter the 'No Wake' buoy at check in time.

~~~FISHING HOURS: Safe light until 3:00pm. You must be inside the 'No Wake' buoy (1st Flight~25 boats) by 3:00pm or be disqualified. Each flight after that must be back at 3:15 and so on. Blastoff and weigh-in times are subject to change prior to any event as seen fit by the director. (Changes will be posted on the website prior to the event if needed.)

~~~GENERAL RULES: No trolling. Artificial baits only. Only 1 rod in use by each angler at any time. Fish must be caught in a normal manner (no snagging). Team partner may help land the fish. Life vest must be worn while the gas motor is running at other than idle speed. No fishing or passing within 50 yards of another entrants 'ANCHORED BOAT' without his permission. Boat permitting one, must permit all. Anglers may not leave the boat to land a fish or get to a fishing spot. 'Do Not Enter' areas may be fished, but not be entered with a boat. Spectators are not allowed in your boat unless approved by the Tournament Director. Any protest must be submitted in writing within 10 minutes of final weigh-in, along with a $50 protest fee, which will be refunded if the Tournament Committee finds the protest to be valid. Events will be held regardless of weather conditions unless they are deemed too unsafe by the Tournament Director. No Refunds. We ask that all entrants use common courtesy & abide by all state & local lake rules and have a current fishing license & ID in their possession. Use common sense as far as your own safety goes. No 'Hole Sitting' is allowed by anyone. Cell phones may be used for emergencies or immediate family matters only. NO WAKE ZONES MEAN 'NO WAKE'!~IDLE SPEED ONLY & NO PASSING THE BOAT  IN FRONT OF YOU!

~~~SPORTSMANSHIP: All contestants are required to follow the highest of standards of sportsmanship, courtesy & conservation & to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, our sponsors, the sport of fishing & the efforts of Piedmont Bass Classics to promote the sport. Conduct not complying with these standards includes, but is not limited to the following: Violation of, or failure to comply with, any of the rules for the yearly Piedmont Bass Classics events; Consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or possession of any kind of illegal mind-altering substance during tournament hours from registration up & through the weigh-in & presentation of awards; Malicious verbal or physical confrontations at any time the Director, other anglers and/or spectators are present at the tournament site; false information of any kind given to the tournament director & unsafe operation of your boat so as to endanger another contestant. These standards of conduct will also apply to tournament employees (whether working and/or fishing in an event) and in case of any conduct not complying with these standards outlined above, the Director has the right to refuse an application to compete (with refund if need be), warn, disqualify, suspend or permanently ban the contestant or team from any future Piedmont Bass Classics events. Any infraction seen should be brought to the attention of the Director for immediate study.

~~~POLYGRAPH: The test may be given at any time. Everyone is subject to the test. Any entrant who has failed to pass a polygraph before or whose condition does not permit the administration of the test due to his or her use of alcohol or drugs (prescription or otherwise) may not fish events unless they notify Douglas Phillips (tournament director) no later than 96 hours before any event date, so an observer may be assigned to monitor that contestant(s). These observers cost of $125 will be paid by the entrant(s) prior to the event. Anyone refusing to take the polygraph or causes problems for the operator, will be disqualified and may not fish another of our events. If there is a protest submitted, and the polygrapher is not present, all monies will be withheld until the protest is dropped or a polygraph is given.

~~~LIVEWELL CHECKS: You must have your live well checked before blastoff.

~~~RAMP LOCATIONS: Jordan~FarringtonPoint
Kerr~Flemingtown Landing
Shearon Harris~Cross Point Landing.

~~~HARDSHIP SITUATIONS: Certain situations, such as death of a team member, an accident or a medical condition that arises, where the team cannot continue fishing together for the rest of the season, will be looked at by the Tournament Director. If deemed appropriate and fair by the Tournament Director, the remaining active team member may obtain a new partner without loss of points, etc.

~~~RIGHT OF REFUSAL: Officials of the Piedmont Bass Classics has and reserves the 'Right of Refusal' pertaining to anyone or any team wanting to participate.

~~~RULES INTERPRETATIONS: The Tournament Director will have final say on all questionable matters.


Contact Doug Phillips 912-980-5936 or Gretchen Phillips 337-348-9003
101 Rob Roy Road Southern Pines, NC 28387