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Welcome to the 2024 Piedmont Bass Classics and Carolina Anglers Team Trail Combine Event. The event combines teams from both trails in a best 5 fish takes all event with one weigh-in. Teams can buy into one trail or both and existing event fees for each trail apply. That is, each team has the opportunity to win both events with one bag of fish. Payouts for each trail will not change and this will serve as a qualifying event for teams for each trail they buy into. 


   The tournament directors are excited to offer this format to area teams. We are aware that many teams may have already pre-registered for the event. If a team has done this, they can add the additional trail at the ramp. We recommend that teams do this to simplify the launch process. Teams will marshal in the designated areas outlined in the photo. With PBC to the East and CATT to the West of the ramp. Boat number one for CATT will launch first, then boat one for the PBC and so on until all pre-registered boats are underway. Flights will be staggered and blast off times will be announced as the event approaches. Each flight will consist of 25 boats for each trail. 


  Once all pre-registered boats are underway, we will send the third group that will marshal in the area just northwest of the ramp. This group will be given a launch number based on the trail they sign up with first the morning of the event and will follow in sequence in the same manner as the previous group. This means that boaters need to be prepared to move to the respective side of the ramp immediately after the first wave. 


   Prior to blast off rules will be reiterated. All teams must be back inside the no wake buoy by their designated time, or they will be disqualified. 

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