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PBC 2024 BASS TRAIL ENTRY FORM......LAKE___________________________EVENT DATE_______
ENTRY FEE $110____BIG FISH POT $20____TWT $50____DEPOSIT______......TOTAL PAID________

PARTNER #1: (Print)__NAME_______________________________________________PHONE #_________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP__________________________________________________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________________________

PARTNER #2: (Print)__NAME_______________________________________________PHONE #________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP_________________________________________________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________________________

Having read the rules concerning this tournament & signed this application for entry, I agree to waive & release the
sponsors, other contestants, host marinas & their agents, polygraphers & tournament staff of all claims of personal
injury, property damage or loss thereof, loss of life or any other liability incurred by me or my partner while participating
in this event. I agree that the above statements are true & agree to take a polygraph test if requested & will accept the
decision of the polygraph operator & tournament director thereafter. I also have boat liability insurance, a current
Fishing License, the current Boat Owners Registration & current ID.

Partner #1 Sign:_______________________________________________________Date:________
Covers all 2024 PBC events.
Partner #2 Sign:_______________________________________________________Date:________
Covers all 2024 PBC events.


Mail Entries To:  Doug Phillips. 
Make Check or Money Order out to "FLR Outdoors, LLC"
Flights determined by number of entries with 25 boats per flight.
Entries will be taken morning of the tournament up until blast-off. Others may enter up to 1 hour after blast-off.
Contact Phone Number:  912-980-5936 or 337-348-9003

------------------------------------------------------------------------Cut Here----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Please read the rules first!

LAUNCH SEQUENCES: Preregistered teams will be randomly drawn for starting spots in each Qualifier prior to season start.

After that, teams will be assigned a starting spot in order as they enter.  Send entries in now. Drawing for starting spots

will be held after Jan. 15th, 2024.

Right Click on the Entry Form and Print out a separate entry form for EACH qualifier you want to fish.

Fill entry forms out completely and either bring them to me at home or mail them in.


Each angler must pay $30 administrative fee when registering for the first event fished.

You must pay a $10 non-refundable deposit for each individual event to hold a starting spot and pay the
balance in full at the boat ramp the morning of the event or pay in full before event date. You can also pay at the
ramp morning of the event in cash or be invoiced! 

~Mail Entries To:  Doug Phillips-    Make all checks or money orders out to: FLR Outdoors, LLC

                  101 Rob Roy Road             Southern Pines, NC 28387

Championship starting spots will be determined by points.    ENTER TODAY!!!

Right Click On

Entry FormTo Print

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