2021 PBC

$5,000 Rock Outdoors Spring Bass Trail

Rock Outdoors Bonus Prize !!!

$1,000 Rock Outdoors Gift Card to the 1st place winner fishing out of a new boat purchased from Rock Outdoors in the last 36 months. Angler must have on Rock Outdoors Apparel at weigh in and accepting the winnings. 

     February 27th.....Shearon Harris         March 13th.....Falls
         March 27th.....Kerr          

April 10th.....Jordan
         April 25th.....High Rock          

    May 8th.....Falls      

Championship May 22nd....Falls

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Rock Outdoors sells Caymas, Bass Cat and Vexus Boats. All of these boats companies offer 'Contingency
Programs' that awards 'Owner Anglers' money if they win an event. Some offer up to $10,000 in some of our events. You must register with these companies to qualify. If you already own or are thinking about buying one of these brands, read the 'Contingency Program' requirements before making your decision as to which
boat better fits your plans.

If you have any questions about these programs please call the boat company you
are looking at.

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