Entry fee for each event, including the Championship, will be $110 a team, $20 of which goes to tournament expenses.

$10 goes to the 'Championship Fund' & Points Fund.

The other $80 will be paid out as 1 place for every 5 boats entered.

"Optional": The Big Fish Pot is $20 per team & the 'Tournament Within a Tournament' (TWT Side Bet Pot) is $50 per team, each with 100% paybacks. 3 places are paid for each (50/30/20 split).


Ties will be determined by a coin toss or mutual split.

Mail Entries To:  Doug Phillips 101 Rob Roy Road             Southern Pines, NC 28387

Methods of payment by mail are Checks or Money Orders made out to 'Doug Phillips'.

...Cash Only at the ramp. No late fees or membership fees.